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Project 2014 ....... Cameroun

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The project:

In the Ste-Thérèse parish, digging of a well to serve a population of over 600 villagers, for a total cost of $ 5,115.00.

The request:

Diocese of Bafoussam
Deanery of Foumban
Parish of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus of Kouoptamo
B. P 02 Kouoptamo - Cameroon

To Mr. Serges TEUPE;

Subject: Request for drilling.

Kouoptamo on May 23, 2019.

Dear Brother Serge, we, the leaders of the parish of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus in Kouoptamo, have come to ask you for the drilling of a well in our parish in order to improve the living conditions of its populations.
Indeed, the parish of Ste Thérèse is located about forty kilometers from Bafoussam, whose diocese bears the name. Created in 1966, it is made up of at least 50 villages divided into 4 superior chiefdoms. These large villages made up of several hamlets or large districts are full of a population mainly made up of young farmers. Subsistence crops make up the bulk of the produce. However, the Church has played and continues to play an important social and spiritual role with these populations. In order to provide for the many needs of the populations, it engaged in education and health. Many schools attended by the majority of the children were built, and health centers also occupy a place of choice. If we come to you, it is with in the hope of solving a problem that could ultimately decimate our populations if we do not tackle it seriously.
There is a popular saying that "Water is life". This reality has really been verified in our parish in recent years. For nearly ten years, we have been witnessing in our villages the resurgence of water-borne diseases (amoebic dysentery, diarrhea, chronic stomach aches, etc.) which lead to the death of many children. Indeed, we suffer here from a glaring lack of drinking water. To quench their thirst or for any other use of water, people resort to backwater which sometimes dries up in the dry season. For the strongest and those who care about their health, you have to travel dozens of kilometers to find some water for household activities. Sometimes the most daring wait for the day when they go to town to get this rare commodity. On several occasions we have initiated approaches to the authorities and people of good will in order to alleviate this problem, but we have not had a favorable response so far. Having heard everything you do to relieve the suffering of numerous people on this matter, we turned to you to present our situation, while hoping that this time we will be answered. We are sure that with your help, several children will be saved and we will witness the reduction of the aforementioned illnesses. In our schools and structures, if we manage to acquire such infrastructure, we are sure that many lives will be saved. You can be assured that if you give us this water, we will commit to maintaining it and using it wisely.
To give water to someone is to give him life, it is to protect him from many evils. In the hope of receiving a favorable response from you, we send you our warmest greetings. May the Lord bless you and give you life in abundance, the means and the strength to continue to relieve the suffering of the men to whom the Lord will send you.

Father Fridolin Séverin IKOUM, 
Pastor of the parish of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus of Kouoptamo



Number of beneficiaries +600
Cumulative Beneficiaries (FCC) +417 294
Total project cost $ 5,815.00
Cameroonian Diaspora in Montreal/ Mr.Serge Teupé $ 965.00
Avant tout les enfants $ 4,000.00
Francine Cloutier $ 500.00
Fondation Coup de Coeur $ 350.00